Google Ads

Portfolio 1




Increase website traffic.

Boost online sales.

Improve the return on advertising spend (ROAS).





1. Keyword Research and Optimization: Extensive keyword research was conducted to identify high-potential search terms related to their products. The campaign was structured around these keywords to maximize relevancy.


2. Targeted Campaigns: Segmented campaigns were created to target different product categories and demographics, ensuring that ads reached the right audience at the right time.


3. Compelling Ad Copy: Engaging and relevant ad copies were crafted to encourage clicks and conversions, highlighting unique selling propositions, promotions, and product benefits.


4. Shopping Campaigns: Google Shopping campaigns were utilized to showcase product images, prices, and ratings directly in search results, making it easier for potential customers to find and purchase products.


5. Remarketing: Remarketing campaigns were employed to re-engage with previous website visitors and cart abandoners, reminding them of products they were interested in.


6. Ad Extensions: Utilization of ad extensions, including callout and site link extensions, to provide additional information to potential customers and encourage click-throughs.


7. Bid Management: Frequent bid adjustments were made to optimize ad spend, focusing on the most profitable keywords and time slots.




1. Intense competition in the E-commerce space.

2. Evolving consumer behavior and preferences.

3. Ensuring a positive ROI within a competitive marketplace.





1. Traffic Increase: The website experienced a 50% increase in organic and paid search traffic, significantly expanding their online reach.


2. Sales Growth: Over a six-month period, sales revenue increased by 65%, demonstrating the effectiveness of Google Ads in driving conversions.


3. ROAS Improvement: The return on advertising spend (ROAS) improved by 40%, indicating that the ad campaigns were delivering a strong return on investment.


4. Enhanced Brand Awareness: The increased online visibility helped establish [Client Name] as a recognizable brand in their niche, contributing to long-term success.


5. Remarketing Success: Remarketing campaigns contributed to a 15% increase in conversions, recapturing potential customers who had previously shown interest.


Beauty/ Cosmetics

Project description

Run Google Adword campaign., Campaign optimization, ads creation and performance.

Portfolio 2

Project goal

Prior, to acquiring the Google Ads account from a third party agency, there were several struggles. These included, low conversions, click through rate (CTR), low quality traffic, and high cost per clicks (CPC). The agency did not quite understand that the company was business to business for small toy retailers. The search terms we were competing on were too consumer focused, leading to high bounce rates. I trimmed the fat, disabling several dozen keywords, doing keyword research for business terms and redrafted ad copy and created a negative keyword list. The result was higher CTR, lower cost, quality search terms and a high google quality score from this Google Ads audit.


I was the Google Ads account manager


Finally, I began to formulate my ad copy. The process that I took was to make a spreadsheet of features and benefits for each ad group. I did research on the company core values as well as the benefits that business owners focus on. These include quality, price, fast shipping, dependability, and great customer service. Furthermore, I used the machine learning feature of Responsive Search ads. This assisted in my ad testing and improvement of CTR.